Become a TeenLine Volunteer!

CONTACT  TeenLine volunteers must be high school students, 14 years of age or older  committed to providing a safe place where other teens can call and talk  confidentially.  TeenLine volunteers  remain anonymous and receive 20 hours of training with topics covering issues  relevant to today’s teenagers.

Teen  volunteers commit to four or more hours a month during the school year when  TeenLine is operational.  A CONTACT  Crisis Helpline Specialist is always available to provide support and guidance  to the TeenLine volunteer and assistance, if needed, for any crisis  intervention.  When on duty, TeenLine volunteers  also provide response to CONTACT’s KidsLine, a warm line for elementary  school children.

For  further information, call CONTACT’s TeenLine Director at 856-234-5484 x214.
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Download our TeenLine Application